Induction to our school

When children and families join our school, we want to feel part of our school family as quickly as possible. That’s why we have dedicated induction programme for all new pupils.

Children joining our Reception class

Parents’ Meeting

We hold an evening meeting for parents early in the Summer Term preceding the academic year of entry.

This gives us the opportunity to outline the arrangements for admission and the organisation of the school.

A governor may attend this meeting with the Head of School, class teacher and other staff as appropriate. This provides the opportunity for parents to ask questions and talk through worries.

Half Day Visit

The children spend a further two half days (either morning or afternoon) in school with their Reception year teacher.

They join in class activities and go outside onto the playground, in order for them to gain familiarity with their classmates. They also have the opportunity to join the other children for lunch in the school hall.

Contact with Pre-School Groups

The Class teacher and/or the Senco meet with local pre-school staff to discuss each child.

The record of transfer is also passed from pre-school to the class teacher.

Pre-school staff are invited to join the school on the Autumn term open mornings and are kept informed of events happening at the school so parents and children can be part of the school before they join the school in September.

Individual Consultations

Parents are invited to meet the class teacher during the first half term of admission to discuss progress and an open morning/helping your child at home session provides opportunities for parents to see the class at work.

Getting to know the school before the child starts

Newsletters are sent to families prior to admission so that they can know a little about the school.

Children joining our school 'in year'

For children who are transferring from other schools, we work to give them an induction programme which suits them.

Wherever possible children spend at least part of a day with the class they will be joining, meeting the teacher and children.

Also children can stay for lunch on their visit day.