Head of School welcome

Welcome to Kingswood Primary School.

At Kingswood, part of the ASPIRE Federation, we pride ourselves on our small rural setting, where we feel it is important to work closely with pupils, parents, and the surrounding community in order to share the school’s passion for nurturing achievement. This commitment is not only driven towards the pupils’ education, but towards every child’s well-being. The team here at Kingswood share a passion to ensure our pupils feel safe, happy and enjoy their time at school, where strong values and positive characteristics are encouraged, rewarded and embraced at every step of their journey with us. This is underpinned by our School values which provide a strong foundation for all that we do and achieve; 

 Kindness, Understanding, Love, Boldness, Perseverance and Honesty.

Kingswood is part of a federation of four rural schools. Our ASPIRE Federation follows a strong ethos of ‘Aspire to Inspire’, which means collaboration between the range of specialist teachers across the four settings work together to make sure every child is supported, challenged and encouraged, whatever their need or ability. All staff are committed to planning and delivering a knowledge-rich curriculum, where quality first teaching ensures children develop their curiosity, creativity and have the ability to analyse the World around them.

Both as ASPIRE and Kingswood, we understand that each child is unique and will achieve their own individual successes, which is encouraged by all staff not only by supporting the children to develop a love for lifelong learning, but by working closely with families to enable each child to achieve their potential.

If you would like to see our school, please feel free to arrange a visit.

Mrs Lynsey Sanchez Daviu